Below is a collection of work inspired by and in honour of Goddesses past and present – some pieces are unique one-off sculptures, whilst others are limited repeats. I handmake every piece and all are original, my own designs and copyright.

Some of the first things I made from clay were Goddesses - it seemed natural - almost compulsive to shape a female figure from the earthy mud I held in my hand.  To some people the Goddess represents the Earth Mother; nurturing, life giving and abundant. To others she is the powerful female force that we all hold within. Goddesses appear in every culture across the globe – sometimes gentle and loving, sometimes fierce and raging. She is the earth beneath our feet, the air we breathe, the fire that warms us and the water that gives us life. She births us and holds us in times of need. She is many things to many people and I love to create her in all of her guises.

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Small Repeat Sculptures

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